Manage to purify water for drinking anywhere, anytime

Manage to purify water for drinking anywhere, anytime

The process water treatment means at hand: carbon, silicon, and silver.

Plain and activated carbon for water purification.

Tolerably clean water will help any timber - for that it needs to be simply burned at the stake. But the simple ash will be useless, and the ordinary coal is able to only remove the unpleasant smell, but if the latter, they say, to activate its absorption capacity will be equal to 10-50 m² per gram of substance. If we work hard, this figure can be increased up to 100 m². It is clear that water treatment with activated carbon has long been mastered on an industrial scale, so you can just bring in a couple of packs of pills hike with coal and grief do not know.

However, pelleted activated carbon may be needed for other, more important goals, so it's best to learn how to activate the coal with their hands. To do this, take a small piece of wood, put them in a pot, close the lid tightly to oxygen overlap and put on fire. A few hours later, when the wood was charred, remove the container from the heat and enjoy a real active natural sorbent. Coals from the fire, burnt and cooled in the presence of oxygen, have adsorbent properties to a much lesser extent. And that water treatment with activated carbon to be truly effective, remember a few important rules:

- Coal acts rapidly, but just as quickly lose their properties. Moreover, if it is not time to replace or remove all the Cuckoo, which he has absorbed, it will climb back into the water.

- Water treatment effect on activated charcoal pesticides, chlorine elements and heavy metals, but bacteria and other microorganisms have to output, applying the additional agent for water disinfection.

Process water purification silicon.

But the most ancient and valuable minerals - silicon, and will help in cleaning and disinfection of water. He not only precipitates heavy metals, and a variety of impurities, but also quite successfully fights bacteria and other harmful microbes. Moreover, silicon water pleasant taste and has fragrance freshness. If we stick to the special technology of preparation of this drink, then, according to knowledgeable people, it can even be used in medicinal purposes. But we do not Grandma-healer and pragmatic tourists, so we are only interested in cleaning and disinfection of contaminated water. So, in order to keep the water became fit to drink, it is necessary to put some silicon stones at the rate of 1-3 g per liter, and let stand for at least twenty-four hours (optimally 2-3 days). Silicon water purification - is the most versatile method because the same stones can last forever (until you lose). Purification of water with silver.

Some believe that the disinfection of water in the field can be carried out in silver. And even rumors that wrecked or accident for the purpose of purification of water for drinking are removed from each other all the silverware. But silver as a means of disinfecting water involves two important "buts":

- It's still heavy metal and its consumption in high doses could negatively affect state of health.

- In low concentrations that are safe for health, silver does not have a bactericidal effect, that is, does not kill the microorganisms. All that it can - it is to stop their growth.

From this we can conclude that effective, but safe clean water with silver is not possible, but the extension of the "life" of clean drinking water with it's real.