Can you survive if you shell-shocked? Now yes

Can you survive if you shell-shocked? Now yes

HOW TO HELP A shell-shocked.

The word concussion in a translation into Russian means injury. However, the word used by doctors not to refer to mere injury of one or another part of the body. By contusion understand special damage, which is a general injury, t. E. All of the human body injury. It is clear that the injury the entire body, from head to foot, but can occur in any special way. By any solid object can not hit a man so hurt at the same time all the points on the surface of his head, trunk and extremities. Cause such damage may only air or water surrounding the person as they are in contact with the entire surface of his skin. Contusion and applied, as a rule, an air shock wave, resulting in explosions of large bombs and artillery shells, and especially with an atomic explosion.

Much more rare contusion water wave. The defeat of the air wave - this is a very common kind of damage in the war.

The shock wave of the air by the explosion of conventional shells, mines, bombs or aircraft struck at a relatively short distance - from a few meters to a few tens of meters, depending on the caliber of the projectile, the explosion force. The shock wave of the atomic explosion can cause a contusion over a distance of a kilometer or more from the explosion site.

Shoots airwave undergoes more or less evenly throughout the whole body. But different parts of the body are not equally withstand the blow. Most affected the brain and nervous system all shell-shocked. On the skin, the muscles and bones of the shock wave can cause a noticeable change only at very high potency, resulting in immediate death. A disorder, depending on lesions of the nervous system will certainly appear in every, even the most mild concussion. First of all, a contusion causes loss of consciousness - is its most important attribute. Loss of consciousness may last from a few minutes (at most lung contusions) to many hours. When deadly contusions affected dies without regaining consciousness. Mild concussion is not accompanied by other notable disorders other than loss of consciousness. In more severe injuries of the shock wave to unconsciousness join disorder of breathing and heart activity, but not harsh and long. The most severe concussions can cause significant respiratory disorders up to stop it, which is sometimes the cause of death. Help contused need to have especially in view of the fact that he is unconscious. The man lost consciousness, helpless. He can drown if a person fell into a small puddle of water can burn, if a small spark fell on his dress, to get under the wheels or tracks transport and combat vehicles.

For non-severe concussion consciousness will soon return to the affected; the only help that is needed - arrange it affected so that nothing could happen to him while he lay unconscious. If the shell-shocked breathe well, you need to take care only that he was lying face up, not in the water, not in the vicinity of the flame (burning structure, twigs, grass, and so on. P.), And if possible, not in the way of transport or tanks. You must also check whether there is at shell-shocked at the same time with the injury risk of bleeding, not smoldering there somewhere his clothes. In this and all the help is needed by the shell-shocked in a good breeze. After the return of consciousness easily shell-shocked, as a rule, retain combat capability, and can remain in service.

It requires more sophisticated means of people who have received a very severe contusion, in which loss of consciousness followed by respiratory distress. If the shell-shocked not breathing, he will have to provide assistance, as in the apparent death from electric shock, t. E. CPR. But, before you start CPR, you have not crowded there in the mouth and in the nose shell-shocked earth or sand. This can often happen as a shell or bomb explosion, and especially ground nuclear explosion scatters around large clumps of soil. If the nose and lips will be shell-shocked the land, and the teeth are compressed, it will have to open his mouth by force, inserting between the teeth, on the side, of any solid object. Mouth open, you need to clean it as best you can and throat shell-shocked at first finger and then with a handkerchief or a piece of bandage. Then to begin CPR. We must also remember that other damage may occur in lesions of the shock wave at the same time with a concussion. A person can be knocked down, lifted into the air, in the fall can hit the ground, a stone, and so on. N., Can also get hit by some hard, heavy object thrown force of the explosion. So, in shell-shocked always possible injuries of various body parts, even broken bones. These lesions are sometimes more dangerous than the general contusions, particularly skull fractures.