Third World of Boris Yeltsin

Third World of Boris Yeltsin

The Third World, Boris Yeltsin. As the president of Russia has frightened the world

Incidents related to situations where the US and Russia suspected each other of preparing a nuclear attack, there were many. The most serious of these are considered four. The first three took place in the midst of the Cold War and have been associated with false signals early warning of missile attack. Two such situations arose in the United States, once the Soviet Union, and in each case, the world was in a few minutes from the beginning of World War III.

Fortunately, each time the military experts proved smarter computers and determined that false signals.

The fourth case occurred in 1995, when the Cold War was in the past, and most experts believe that a nuclear conflict between the US and Russia is practically impossible.

However, almost the opposite occurred in January 1995.

Early in the morning on January 25 radars of the Russian missile attack warning system recorded a high-altitude rocket launch from the territory of Norway. As reported, the launch coincides with the trajectory of the possible trajectory of the US ballistic missile "Trident" D-5.

Such a missile could be used for high-altitude nuclear explosion, which was capable of causing "blindness" Russian radar missile attack warning system. Such a scenario was considered by Russian experts as one of the variants of the US start a nuclear attack on Russia. Russian President Boris Yeltsin, who received the message about the rocket launch, has mobilized "nuclear briefcase" for emergency communication with their military advisors and discuss the situation.

Within a few minutes, the President listened to the military experts, before making a decision about retaliation. But it turned out that it was only the start of a Norwegian weather rocket, so the Russian missiles remained in their original positions. This Yeltsin informed the public on the following day, 26 January.

News that the world was on the brink of nuclear war, and the president of Russia thought about the fact not to strike if the US, immediately flew over the world media.

Thus, it appeared that a careless start of meteorological rocket almost provoked a global catastrophe. At the same time, Yeltsin praised the actions of the Russian military experts, who all checked out and made the right decision in a difficult situation.