Published opinions of foreigners about Russian capital

Published opinions of foreigners about Russian capital

"Never walk alone - can kill not carry money in your passport if it checks the guardian of order, will think that the money you put to him..."

© Guide Travelnotes, USA

"In fact, no reasonable person would not go at two o'clock in the shop for a sausage. But ... the number of services that can be provided around the clock in Moscow, impressive. Mow at 23:30, browse books at 2:00 in the construction or purchase drill the market at 4:00 - all real! "

© Thomas Video, Germany

"Metro-shelter stray dogs and ears in love teenagers, homeless alcoholics and wounded veterans, tourists and deadbeat people going to or from work. But in the halls is something which tells the story of Russia. It is a monument to the era of the communist regime, when the underground palaces with sparkling chandeliers, decorated with mosaics, frescoes, sculptures, erected passenger rows. When I arrived in Moscow, the summer heat and the crush in the subway almost made me trezvennitsey. I could not bear the stench spreads th drunk vodka evaporates from their bodies with sweat, their wet skin stuck to my own, such as plastic film, but then I saw how young men gallantly on their feet, replaced the old ladies, or the Russians pinned down in a book, as long as the train. with the roar of rushing through a tunnel, and you realize that there is not so terrible. " © Megan K. Stack, Los Angeles Times

"In the Moscow subway doors close in a straight line, if they are closed, they are really close Even if someone is standing between them.".

© Montse Arévalo, Spain

"Be careful near the fragile elderly lady, they are the most unbearable people in the subway. The first time when I was shoved hard, I turned, expecting to see a big man, but came face to face with grandma. Since then, I alert. If you smile in public places, according to the Russian culture, you're an idiot, so in the subway have to stand with eyes expressing gloom or extreme aggression. "

© Frank Hanselman, the Netherlands and Spain

"There is a strange kind of grandmothers (babushkas) at the turnstiles at the entrance to the subway. They sit behind the walls of transparent plastic in the construction of about 2m tall and looking at going through the" barrier ticket. "They are in a form similar to the police. They have short haircuts . and scowl Their work is to watch as people pass through the turnstiles If they are someone does not like it, they whistle to whistle Members in Moscow often noted the coldness and hostility of passers-by, but I knew... I am a shield when confronted. with them in real-life situations, rather than in the underground, Russian welcome hospitable in subway same every gloomily staring into space at each other look only love ... But once I saw a crowd of students rushed into the car they were laughing, shouting, jostling -... for them the trip was an adventure and then I saw how everyone smiled! . I think everyone thought of something good. " © Edward Adrian-Vallance, UK

"I was taught to drink beer with dried fish - that I have never seen the first did not want to try because of the terrible sight and smell, and then enjoyed Knock roach on the table -... It's very in Russian and fun A of the national product - He sliced ​​loaf personification of the country -. white, simple, more often than not the first freshness, but very delicious I have never seen so many people drank tea even in the club at 3am bought tea "...