Quick fish smoking

Quick fish smoking

Many men appreciate Activities: Fishing, hunting a little less. There is nothing more delicious dishes prepared at the stake "rough masculine hands" but in the "hiking" conditions.

Only recipes are often lost in the Stone Age. Naturally any more boy knows that if you roll the fish in clay, you can bake, but there is ... a wonderful recipe for the hot and most importantly fast smoked. This method of cooking is ideal for fish and meat, but there is little specificity.

Given that many men prefer fishing, not hunting for obvious reasons ... So the complexity of the acquisition of a hunting ticket, the cost of a firearm, a weapons permit, collection of documents, and so on. D. First will be listed recipe for fish and then meat.

So to prepare you first need to catch fish. Then peel and gut. It is further recommended salt and pepper to taste. A fire, in order to form coal. While it burns going greens: nettle leaves, or if there is an opportunity to collect fragrant herbs such as thyme is better to collect them. You can not use needles branches because they are much resin. The cooking process is simple. On the coals is placed a large layer of green grass or leaves. On this pad is placed the fish itself and all the hiding grass. It is important to get water plastic bottles, in order to extinguish the fire hearths. It turns out the following. Warm baked through the coals and fish, greens are very abundant produces smoke and smokes ... After 10-15 minutes of the cooking product should be removed. Then again on the coals lay new grass on her pillow lay the fish on top of the other party and to hide greenery. And repeat the smoking process is still 10-15 minutes. The result after 20-30 minutes fisherman gets a delicious, smoked fish.

The process of cooking meat is similar, but has its own specifics. From the carcass must be cut exactly the pieces of meat or fat. In this case, preferably without bones. The whole secret of the fact that the meat or fat should be cut to a thickness of about a fish ... And the very process of baking and smoking is repeated 1 to 1. This is such a simple, tasty and healthy dish in nature can cook their own hands men.

Igor Kulagin