Not a "tub": How to pull your car out of the mud one

Not a

Although this manual is shown rescuing car in the summer, thanks to it you will be able to pull the car from any substance, be it dirt, snow or puddle of jam. Even alone!

You should study this material, even if the hand is not any one stalled car. After using this method, you can also drag stalled car on a hill, or simply move from place heavy object like a dead elephant. The main thing that you had a strong long rope, and nearby was a tree or lamppost.

● The first step

To begin, go out of the car and see if it really stuck and whether her giggling your buddy holding the vehicle in place. Making sure that everything is in order, tie one end of the rope (any of the two) to the towing loop.

● The second step

Get away from the car and a half meters and make a rope loop. In width it should be easy to enter the neck T. rex, about to hang himself, or about two people like you. It does not matter if you do not know how to knit cunning knot, - Screw a can. The main thing is that the node does not slide along the rope loop and is not addictive. ● The third step

Skip through the loop for the rest of the rope, so that you have one more loop, but a larger diameter than the first. To think that five minutes ago you did not have any loops, but now the whole two! Lucky…

● The fourth step

Now, take a rope and a decisive step head to the nearest pole, tree or Gawker, watch for your actions. Go around the post, tree or Gawker and get back to miss you loops.

● The fifth step

Skip rope through the second loop (the one that more).

● The sixth step

As you can see, now you have to obtain a mechanical system that allows, like the Archimedean lever, exerting less effort to achieve more. Begin to pull the rope. Initially, it will be difficult, but then when you release the rope from your teeth and decide to pull her hands, the car will begin to move easily from their seats