Forgotten records of Russian warriors who so no one beat

Forgotten records of Russian warriors who so no one beat

"Was it" - with these words begin many of the questions asked in life. Especially great interest are the various "records strength" shown Russian athletes at different times.

1. Georg Gakkenshmidt (Russia) horizontally spread his hand in hand with weights of 32 kg down down 5 times in 1899 year.

2. Ivan Selyh (Russia) performed with bench lifting weights 3 to 32 kg in 1907.

3. Znamensky (Russia) performed the bench with his left hand two weights of 32 kg, set one upon the other in 1899.

4. Peter Krylov (Russia) performed bench press weights 32 kg with his left hand in a rack without been rejected by the body and bending your knees 86 times in 1909. 5. Ludwig Chaplinskiy (Russia) jumped over the dining table with a ram in the hands of 40 kg in 1911.

6. Nikolay Vahturov (Russia) threw the weight of 32 kg in a railway carriage in 1912.

7. Ivan Zaikin (Russian) picked up on his back and carried on the stage 40 vodernuyu barrel of water in 1913.

8. Sergey Eliseev (Russia) held in a horizontal position with your right hand dumbbell weight 61 kg in 1903.

9. Peter Jankowski (Russia) performed 3 pood weights bench, holding it in the palm of your hand and sitting on the floor in 1905.

10. Gregory Kashcheev (Russia) suffered on the back of a live horse in 1908.