What to do if a child is choking ?!

What to do if a child is choking ?!

crush or choke anyone can, as an adult and a child. But the situation is more complicated with the children they do not know how to properly handle food, they need to be taught all over. Unconditioned reflexes, unfortunately, can not prevent a foreign object in contact with the throat.

In many cases, a child choking - means to subject himself to mortal danger. Adults need to know how to provide first aid to the child in a dangerous situation. Manage to not get confused and do everything that depends on you to save the life of a little man!

If a child is choking, you will notice these signs: the child can not cry, breathe the air, screaming voice almost inaudible; baby eyes wide open, horrified to read in them; mouth too wide open, actively appears saliva; skin redden, then - turn blue; baby can clasp hands throat; in severe cases, loss of consciousness.

Call an ambulance immediately if such symptoms and will give first aid to the child!

1. Put your hands up baby. Airways widen, the process of breathing will improve.

2. If the number 1 did not help, put your baby on his stomach on his hand and patted 5 times between the shoulder blades.

3. If the child choked on small object or a piece of food, it is necessary to lift both his legs, or induce vomiting by clicking on the root of the tongue. When a foreign object stuck in the airway, several other symptoms. Baby can not cry, cry while actively pulls the stomach. To release the child's airway, perform the following steps:

1. Turn it back to him, embrace one hand, pressing it on the stomach. Tilt the baby forward, a pat on the back.

2. If the process number 1 gave the result: put the child on the back so that the head is positioned lower than the torso. Under the chest bone shove your middle and index finger. Do pressings, alternating with the sternum by straightening up to the arrival of an ambulance.

3. If the airway is stuck solid foreign objects - candy or small toys item, put the child on the hand face down. It follows that the head was below the rib cage at the same time. Pat the baby between the shoulder blades.

Another option: raise a child by the legs and too pat between the shoulder blades. In any case not to put their fingers into the throat of the child: you risk further promote the subject so that it will be difficult to get out. It will exacerbate the situation.

Help your child after a year

Most importantly - keep calm, because the child is older than many realize. He can be transmitted to your panic, it is very worsen the situation. To eject pieces of food or foreign bodies in children older than one year using the method Helmicha:

1. Stand behind the child, it is possible - on his knees behind him. 2. Hold the baby's waist.

3. Brush one hand squeeze into a fist, is located a fist between the ribs and the navel baby's fingers inside. 4. The second hand clasp fist.

5. draw your elbows to the sides, click on the baby's stomach in the upward direction. Perform movements such as a piece of food will come out. (Photo № 6)

To avoid falling into a critical situation, take precautions. Do not buy soft toys with a long nap, which is sprinkled, watch for so that kids do not play with toys too small details.

Teach a child to eat slowly, chew food.

A good way - to grind food for children up to the age of reason, when he ceases to indulge in while eating.

Never feed a child by force - in such cases, the risk of choking increases.