Intelligence supercomputer IBM Watson will manage "smart" cars

In recent years, supercomputers based on artificial intelligence applied to an increasing number of things. That's an IBM Company, together with their colleagues from BMW have started to work on the introduction of AI Watson in self-managed vehicles in order to increase traffic safety.

Intelligence supercomputer IBM Watson will manage

The algorithms on the basis of IBM Watson will use the next generation of cars from BMW called BMW i8. It will constantly adapt to changes in the environment and the situation on the road, as well as be able to learn all the habits and preferences of its human driver. As stated in the press release,

"Opportunities Watson supercomputer will allow the driver to communicate with your car in a natural language. This will allow the driver to not be distracted by the wording of phrases according to certain rules, and focus more on the road and driving. Also in driving will come weather data from Weather Company, information about the traffic situation on the chosen route, driving conditions and vehicle status. This allows the system to provide the driver with timely advice regarding the driving mode of the route. In the case of switching to self-mode algorithms Watson will be able to make the trip more comfortable and safer than with standard tools. "

Even though supercomputer algorithms to be used in the car more as a helper function, the developers do not exclude the fact that in the future, cars will be able to become fully self-contained facilities. At least at the moment, IBM and BMW will try to make the cars more "intelligent." And what comes of it remains to be seen. By the way, look to the future as it is seen in IBM and BMW, you can see the roller below.

Intelligence supercomputer IBM Watson will manage