Overview BQ ELEMENT - inexpensive but ambitious

Someone knows the company BQ, and some do not, but nevertheless it is a fairly large company that has in its lineup more than a smart phone. Just about one of them today and we'll talk.

Overview BQ ELEMENT - inexpensive but ambitious

To our office came the phone, which is the average price on the Internet (including the manufacturer's website) is 9990 rubles. The price is quite reasonable. So let's understand the points that we get for it and whether it is worth the money.


Traditionally, our reviews we start with the screen and the body, as it is the first thing we see when we falls into the hands of any phone. Recently, manufacturers have learned to make very high quality displays. It happened in the case of BQ ELEMENT. The display is good for the technology on which it is made. I mean IPS. This technology has a number of advantages. The main ones include wide viewing angles. Even at a very high angle of the image does not change color and brightness changes are not critical. If you speak a little more and go deeper into its characteristics, we are dealing with a five-inch display with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels at a diagonal of 5 inches. And, of course, where do without 2, 5D-glass? There is a fashionable rounding edges of the glass is also present.

Overview BQ ELEMENT - inexpensive but ambitious

But what may be different phones at this price point in terms of visual design, so it is the case. Here everything is more interesting than it sounds. Yes, plastic housing, and the rear cover can be removed to install the battery, but the creaking and crackling with loads on the hull for were not detected during the test. This can not but rejoice. A back cover is made of plastic, treated so that it is very similar to tactile sensations anodized aluminum. Well, some design elements, such as BQ raised letters on the lid and a large box camera, allow to carry the phone to a top line-up.

Overview BQ ELEMENT - inexpensive but ambitious

In the same place, on the back cover, in its lower part, located external speaker. He is loud and sonorous, so the number of missed calls will not be very large. Not the standard solution for the location of the speaker, but comfortable enough. Well hand he is not closed at virtually any grip, unlike the conventional location at the lower face where it can clamp the hand device in landscape orientation.

Overview BQ ELEMENT - inexpensive but ambitious

What's inside?

After examining the device, and its screen is usually the question "what is there in it?". In fact, everything is traditional for the phone, located at the junction of the budget and mid-segment, but very soundly. The basis of the device computing capabilities put quad-core chip MT 6735 that, as a rule, established in the majority of smartphones that level.

Overview BQ ELEMENT - inexpensive but ambitious

But the RAM 3 GB may not boast one. Here a small plus in favor of BQ ELEMENT. Built-in Memory, by the way, it is only 16 GB, but has the ability to support memory cards up to 128GB. So that everyone decides for himself how much memory it should be.

Eternally classic AnTuTu test measured the phone 34 500 points. Expect more of this iron it was naive, but for many purposes it is enough, if not to say, of course, about the most fashionable and modern games.

Do you like to take photos and selfie?

"Of course yes" - answer the majority of readers. That is for them as much as the manufacturer suggested that the 16-megapixel main camera. Of course, we can not say that the photos are perfect, but by myself, I would add that it would be better done in the camera of 12 megapixels, but the large size of the pixel. All the same, the recording level will cause the envy of a good half of its main competitors. Of course, there is interference, and it's a little spoils the impression, but nevertheless, as I said, the camera is no worse than almost all direct competitors, which in turn refers to the phone's advantages.

Overview BQ ELEMENT - inexpensive but ambitious

The front facing camera is 8 megapixels, which has become the gold standard for all phones, ranging from budget, ending flagships. The same resolution matrix and BQ ELEMENT. However, even in the non-camera retouching brings some smoothing in the image, which I personally do not really like, but many fans of this effect. Still camera with good lighting makes a very good impression.

The camera itself supports a large number of settings, including a variety of manual and document scanner and of QR-codes in a regular photoappendices.

Overview BQ ELEMENT - inexpensive but ambitious

And the phone has ...

On a different little things such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE to stop, you probably should not, but that's about the fingerprint sensor and the number of SIM-cards should talk. Fingerprint scanner in this phone is not that strange, considering that it is in the low-end model BOND. Anyway, in the end, the phone can be "locked" using the graphical password and a digital code, the standard for Android. Android in BQ ELEMENT, by the way, the sixth version, that is, Marshmallow.

SIM-cards you have both. So the buyer BQ ELEMENT no problems with the division of calls on official and personal, as well as a variety of comfortable rate, separately for the Internet and separately for calls.

Overview BQ ELEMENT - inexpensive but ambitious

It is also worth noting capacious battery 2400 mAh battery. The feelings of the test, the battery easy enough for a half day is enough active use. Of course, if we do not talk about the constant use of the smartphone to the street in minus twenty games. A connector supports OTG, which pleasantly enough and allows you to connect the phone to a variety of devices.

OK! What's in the kit?

The manufacturer has not stinted on the package and included the following items are in it:

  • very smart BQ ELEMENT
  • battery
  • Power Adapter
  • USB cable for charging your phone - micro USB
  • headphones
  • protective film on the screen (the one already glued to the screen initially)
  • Protective Silicone Case onto the back wall of the
Overview BQ ELEMENT - inexpensive but ambitious

So ​​what is the result?

To summarize, I would say that the phones on the border of the budget and mid-segment quite a lot and it is difficult to compete in this niche, but BQ shows that he wants to do this, and puts some effort to give the consumer a good product for a reasonable price. In our view, they have it pretty well, and if you do not run to buy this phone, then at least pay attention to it when choosing exactly worth it.

BQ buy the ELEMENT you can online store BQ