The new end of the world is scheduled for February 16 this year

The artistic representation of an asteroid "2016 WF9"

Do you have plans for February 16? Because if it's something important, then we would have advised him to postpone the solution of these cases for a couple of days earlier. Who knows, maybe, 17 February would never come. Late last year, space agency NASA announced that travels very large space object in the direction of Earth. As it turned out, this object is asteroid whose size is from 500 meters to 1 kilometer. The intruder was named "2016 WF9".

The new end of the world is scheduled for February 16 this year

Recently, we reported that the earth is "ducked" from an asteroid the size of a truck. And now trumpeting the media about a new threat to the Earth. True to this story yet is not so simple, because the information is now available on the web contradict each other. Therefore, before you start to panic, let us look at the situation from the beginning.

In November last year, space agency announced the discovery of the asteroid "2016 WF9". Preliminary calculations show that the size of the object can range from 500 meters to 1 kilometer in diameter. At that time, the space agency reported that he was aware of the trajectory of the "2016 WF9" and it poses no danger to Earth. At the same time it was written, that at the point of closest approach to the Earth, this asteroid will be in the 51 million kilometers away. However, new information, a walk in the media (including Russian and very large), referring to all the same space agency NASA, said that the fall of an asteroid to Earth is indeed possible. The exact location of incidence is unknown, but the first object will be able to see the people of the UK. In fact, NASA website word about it.

The situation surrounding this mysterious asteroid becomes even more complicated due to reports about a Damira Zakharovich Demin. Who's Demin and whether he did - not known for certain. According to some sources, he is an employee of NASA. On the other - it is a normal conspirologist. The second option is more plausible, given the statements he makes and are referenced by some media. According to Demin, NASA all openly lying on an asteroid by "WF9":

"The object, which they call" WF9 "actually left the Nibiru system (yes, the same" X Planet ", -. Ed.) In October last year and began to rotate around the sun counterclockwise. Already since at NASA it learned that an object will fall to Earth. But this asteroid they say just now. "

Demin said that if the asteroid will fall to Earth, it can destroy a major city and cause a mega-tsunami.

According to the same Demin, the object will fall to Earth on February 16, that is, a week earlier than the term that indicates NASA on its website, saying that the asteroid will fly past Earth.

Here is what the very space agency NASA on its official website (information on December 29, 2016):

"The trajectory of the" 2016 WF9 "well studied. The object poses no threat to Earth in the foreseeable future. "

I would like to still believe in this case respected aerospace agency, not conspiracy.