Boston Dynamics made jumpy robot on wheels

Specialists from Boston Dynamics regularly publish video demonstration of their new developments. Their robots, despite the frightening appearance, can make various interesting things: run, jump, walk up the stairs, pick up and carry objects, and fall on their own to climb. New Robot Boston Dynamics, shown recently at a private presentation is very similar to an old acquaintance BigDog, rear "foot" is equipped with wheels. But the Handle - so called new car designers - because of their ability to move around on wheels still looks more like a dog is not, as the Prancing Horse.

Boston Dynamics made jumpy robot on wheels Boston Dynamics made jumpy robot on wheels

Robot perfectly balanced on two wheels, a good entry into the turns and avoid obstacles without any problems encountered him on the road, but still it's great leaps. At the very end of the video it is very graceful jump overcomes obstacles in his way, then lands on both wheels and keeps moving. During the closure of the presentation and showed an old friend - the robot SpotMini. Yes, this is the poor man, who was forced to pick up trash, jumping down the stairs, and in the end he planted banana peel to the unfortunate robot slipped. He lit the presentation and Atlas, a humanoid robot who recently learned to walk on uneven ground and stand on one leg.