Spacecraft "Federation" will be built by 2021

The head of RKK "Energy" Vladimir Solntsev said in an interview with journalists, RIA "Novosti" that four years later the first spacecraft "Federation" will be completely ready for flight.


Solntsev said that eighty percent of the ship will be made of composite materials, but what will the lander, not yet decided. According to him, developers are not much in a hurry to create not just a spaceship, but also to make it competitive. Now engineers are working with aluminum, but is likely to try to use other materials.


A manned spaceship "Federation" is being developed in the RSC "Energy" for several years and will be designed not only to deliver cargo to orbit the Earth, but also to fly to the moon. "Federation" will be up to thirty days in the autonomous flight mode or to dock with the space station and be in its composition up to a year.

The ship is designed for a crew of up to four people, but the first ship's launch will take place in an unmanned mode. Try to develop the astronauts will be able only in 2023.