China is about to launch into orbit 156 satellites for the Internet

Xinhua news agency reports that the Chinese Association for Space Science and Industry plans to provide the entire population of Earth broadband internet access. To do this will need to run to the orbit of the planet 156 small satellites that will cover the entire planet, and the network will be able to cope with such an ambitious task.

China is about to launch into orbit 156 satellites for the Internet

are planning to implement projects using a universal satellite platform, based on which devices and create.

"This is a universal satellite platform, which can be compared with the car chassis. With this chassis, you can create as a military vehicle and a passenger car or a taxi, "- he said the agency reports Chao Bay, the responsible representative of the China Space Science and Industry.

satellites dimensions are very small, so China can quickly adjust their production, which will allow in the case of which quickly produce replacement of defective devices.

The plan will be implemented in three stages: the first is scheduled for 2018 and involves launching a test satellite with which to hold the test technology. The second phase will be launched just four satellites, which are combined in a small network, and then test their teamwork. By 2020, plans to launch 156 satellites of all, after which they will start, and join in the low-orbit satellite system.