Elon Musk: flight tests Falcon Heavy will begin in the summer

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said that the first test flight of Falcon Heavy rocket is scheduled for late summer 2017. It is assumed that the carrier rocket Falcon Heavy will be able to deliver a low orbit and 55 tons of payload. Experts believe that it will be able to use and to deliver cargo to Mars - in this case, the load capacity of around 13 tonnes. Thus, the rocket Falcon Heavy will be the most hardy rocket Falcon family.

Elon Musk: flight tests Falcon Heavy will begin in the summer

The beginning of the development of the missile was announced back in 2011. Then SpaceX Falcon Heavy planned to start testing as early as 2013, but then repeatedly shifted deadlines. Now, apparently, preparing for testing is nearly complete. The fact that SpaceX plans to start testing in late summer, Elon Musk said on his page on Twitter.

Falcon Heavy test flight currently scheduled for late summer

- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 31, 2017

He also pointed out that SpaceX experts are going to return to earth one of the steps of the new missile. The chances of success, according to the mask, are assessed as very low, but it is certain that the effort is worthwhile.

Recall that SpaceX was able to successfully launch a rocket Falcon 9 March 31, the first stage of which has already been in space a year earlier. The rocket launched to the telecommunications satellite into orbit, after which the first step is back to earth and sat on a specially prepared floating platform.