The original ending of the film "Alien" was much darker

It is foolish to deny the fact that the film "Alien" in 1979 all went into the list of the best science fiction film in history. This year, director Ridley Scott released the film "Alien: Testament", is the second in a row prequel to the original story featuring a character Sigourney Weaver. To mark the occasion, the director told the media that the ending of the original film was originally much darker than the one that saw the audience as a result.

The original ending of the film

As you remember, at the end of the first film, Ellen Ripley character throws I. raptus into space using a harpoon and the engine running, and she continues to drift in a rescue capsule. According to the original idea of ​​the director winner of this fight should be just dark, horse, not people. This is how the initial version of the ending itself Ridley Scott:

"It was assumed that the rescue capsule will enter dark, horse. Ripley shoot him a harpoon, but it almost does not change anything. Monster strikes glass helmet and Ripley will pull through the hole on her head. Thereafter, dark, horse should send a message to Earth, picking up the text with your fingers on the keyboard and imitating the voice of one of the crew members - the captain of Dallas. "

Saves the character Ellen Ripley survived allowed to be born another three films of the franchise. But the most successful was the first two film series. Probably, Sigourney Weaver will appear on the big screen as Ellen Ripley once again, if the green light to get a picture of the "Alien 5" directed by Neil Blomkamp ( "District №9", "Chappie", "Elysium - Paradise is not on earth") . The first of the planned prequels "Alien" called "Prometheus" fans of the series divided into two opposing camps. One picture is completely arranged, and the latter were extremely disappointed with the work of the director. Let's see how it will manifest itself in the film "Alien: Testament," which will be released in cinemas in Russia for 18 May this year.