Kniterate company created a machine for "printing" clothing

Now it is difficult to surprise someone another of 3D-printers. Many of these devices has long been able to print complex and large structures, on the contrary, some specialize on something tiny, but print any decent scarf or sweater, none of them can not. In Kniterate we decide to handle this misunderstanding, and began fundraising on Kickstarter, to release "3D-printer" for clothes.

Kniterate company created a machine for

The machine is able to knit from wool, cotton and other materials, with something simple, such as a scarf or towel she can do on their own, without the help of man. More complicated by things require operator intervention. For those who like to come up with your own design things device developers release a special application for smartphones, allowing you to select the type of line and add clothing patterns and inscriptions.

Raising money for the realization of the idea passes an accelerated pace. Developers have been able to collect more than two times more than they needed initially, moreover, despite the high price tag of $ 4500, the first batch of machines already sold. Everyone else is invited to join in the second turn. Ship the device is scheduled to begin in the next, in 2018.