device turns any post into charging for electric vehicle

Buy an electric car is now possible without any problems, because the offers from different manufacturers is full. Another question - where to charge it? Not everyone has a garage with special socket and parking spaces, as well as the sidewalks near the houses, not yet equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles. To solve this problem together engineers, has developed a special device that allows you to turn an ordinary lamppost in charge for cars. device turns any post into charging for electric vehicle

The idea is good because it does not require making any major changes to the existing shape of the city, as a place to equip the charging, simply connect it to a pole. The developers explain that it is because of the inability to quickly and easily charge the car, many people refuse to buy electric cars, so their development can contribute to the transition to more environmentally friendly modes of transport.

Now working to develop a system that would allow to charge user fees for the charger. By the summer will be equipped with a new development of the company's pillars in some areas of London. The main problem - fixing.