"VKontakte" series shoots on the preparation Spotti robot to fly to the ISS

Last year, the social network "VKontakte" announced the development Spotti bot, which decided to send to the ISS so that he could take pictures and shoot video about what happens to the ISS and provide a link between users and the astronauts. Originally it was planned to launch the robot to the station this spring, but then decided to postpone the event until the autumn of 2017 and to better prepare for this event. That subscribers do not get bored, "VKontakte" and "Roskosmos" started shooting the series on how to prepare the robot for the flight - a few days ago just came out the first series.

The first episode of "VKosmose" starred cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin, clearly demonstrated the principle of the simulator "Soyuz". With his participation filmed preflight training and talked about the device the suit. In the frame lit and Spotti beta version, which is now being tested - about it the press-service of "VKontakte" promises to tell later. The director of the project - Lydia Ermalyuk, who worked in the RSC "Energy" design engineer. Now she has been filming TV shows and movies.

New releases of the series will be released every week up to the launch of the bot on the ISS.