"Smart" for $ 400 juicer wiped her nose

In the summer of last year we have already written on the miracle juicer "Juicero" for $ 700, which is able to connect to the Internet and listens to the host through a smart phone, carefully fulfilling orders and squeezing the juice is that the owner wished. Without the Internet does not work, and even got some fruit and vegetables, it is also not squeezes - you have to buy the ingredients for a smoothie in special bags for $ 8. In the last article we complained about the exorbitant price and questioned the advisability of purchasing this gadget. As it turned out, not in vain. During this time, "Juicero" had time to fall in price, and at the same time as it should be dishonored.

The fact that fashion bags of chopped vegetables were so good that the extrusion of them, no juice squeezer and is not required - hand it even more convenient, faster, more enjoyable and, most importantly, cheaper at $ 400. Although the small bag of vegetables and fruits for $ 8 apiece still continues to press the toad. The company's founder Doug Evans - vegan and rawfoodist, so his development, he put his soul. According to his assurances, press juicers are so powerful that it can pick up two cars the Tesla, himself he modestly calls Steve Jobs of the world and of centrifuges did not upset because of an unexpected discovery. juice hands squeeze it considers inefficient, and the process is called "sloppy." Although, if you look at the video, you can see for themselves that the inaccuracy here rather far-fetched. The Bloomberg even made a video about it.

But Squeezer is able to do and the things that are inaccessible to mere mortals with strong hands. Often you read a QR-code on the packaging, and then automatically checked against the database on the website to make sure that the shelf life of vegetables has not yet come to an end? That's right. A "Juicero" checked! With your $ 400.