NASA has decided to abandon the ISS and to focus on Mars

Leaders of the American space agency NASA announced the need to reduce the funding of the International Space Station by 2024 and redirect these funds to develop programs for human preparing to Mars.

NASA has decided to abandon the ISS and to focus on Mars

"ISS for NASA - a very serious matter. We're going to continue to fund its work until 2024 and then begin to redirect these funds to prepare a manned mission to Mars, "- said the chief researcher, Ellen Stofen agency.

The termination of funding from the US could mean its end station, so its write-off scenarios worked out now. Thus, according to one embodiment, the ISS can be buried in the so-called graveyard of spaceships - the remote waters of the Pacific Ocean. On the local bottom lies a lot of waste dumped spacecraft, rocket stages and other debris, including once belonged to the Russian station "Mir" and not burnt in the atmosphere.

"ISS is enormous. The size of a football field, so the most likely scenario would be her immersion in the waters of the Pacific ", - says Stofen.

There is another option. After the cessation of public funding of the ISS can give (sell) any private company (or several companies), which will use it for commercial flights.

In addition, it should be remembered that the ISS belongs to several countries, it was created, so the variant when the use may be waived only by the US and the station will continue to work independently without American space agency modules.

The International Space Station began to be operated with the November 20, 1998. It is a multipurpose research space complex. The ISS project involves 14 countries: Russia, USA, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, Japan and Canada.