SpaceX conducted a test of the main engine of its heavy rocket first stage

SpaceX company for the last 4 years, promises to launch its Falcon Heavy Heavy rocket. And it looks like we waited. Recently the company published in the "Twitter" video, which may indicate that the system is almost ready for its first flight. In the video you can see how the static test Falcon Heavy first-stage main engine at the test site in the city of McGregor, in Texas, USA. The tests took place at the end of last week.

SpaceX conducted a test of the main engine of its heavy rocket first stage SpaceX conducted a test of the main engine of its heavy rocket first stage

Booster Falcon Heavy inherently is a strengthened version of the Falcon 9 with increased power. Taken together, this power is approximately equal to the power of three main stages of normal Falcon 9 assembled together. Stated indicators allow three accelerators of the first stage to generate more power and generally improve the carrying capacity of the carrier rocket. The SpaceX note that at the present moment, Falcon Heavy will be able to bring into orbit more than 22,000 kilograms of payload. Ideally, a heavy version can display into low Earth orbit mass of useful load up to 63, 5 thousand kilograms. And when it starts to Mars carrying capacity will be about 17,000 kilograms. Next year the company plans to use the Falcon Heavy for manned flight around the moon (fly two private persons about whom information has not been disclosed). To Mars Falcon Heavy will have to go in 2020.

As pointed out by himself Elon Musk, the power of the two lateral boosters main stage Falcon Heavy is almost equivalent to the conventional power accelerator Falcon 9, but the third accelerator heavy version has an increased thrust, and uses the "accessories". In other words, the main accelerator at the Falcon Heavy is only one, and the other two are used as auxiliaries. Despite the fact that Falcon Heavy looks very similar to its more compact version of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle both very different. And apparently, held a test of the main engine Falcon Heavy last week proved to be very important in terms of verification of its operational and technical characteristics.

For fans of the SpaceX news of the trials should be a good reason to celebrate. For the first time Musk back in 2011 promised that the Falcon Heavy will debut in 2013. Since the first launch postponed several times, and several incidents occurred unpleasant greatly overshadowed the expected start. Now SpaceX aims to unmanned Falcon Heavy launch in late summer. Start the launcher will take place from the launch complex of Launch Pad 39A. Recall that in this historic site at Kennedy Space Center produced manned launch to the moon. The fact of the main missile testing accelerator may be a great sign that the launch could happen at a time, which he (now) is scheduled.