Found a way to create blood from stem cells

In spite of the good development of the blood transfusion service, its reserves are not always enough for medical purposes, and scientists from around the world are trying to find a solution to this issue. And, according to an article published in the journal Nature, may be able to make a difference technique scientists from Harvard University. They managed to develop a transformation program "reprogrammed" stem cells in the blanks for the blood cells. This can radically change the entire system of the transfusion and to open the possibility of creating "endless" of the blood supply.

Found a way to create blood from stem cells

Recently, scientists have found a way to modify the stem cells so that they can be turned into bone tissue, skin, muscle and nervous systems. In April 2012, scientists were able to modify the stem cells so that they turned into hair follicles. After this has been successfully carried out such transplants "hair" laboratory mice. In 2016, Japanese scientists have collected full copies of various organs such as the kidneys or liver, stem cells and even grown rat paw successfully transplanted it rodent. And now scientists have learned how to "reprogram" stem cells in the blank for all types of blood cells.

Experts have observed in the embryos of mice to see how evolves the bone marrow and blood cells in it. This series of experiments helped to select 26 hormones, and other molecules involved in the formation of cells and test the effect of each of them in stem cells and germ cells. In the course of investigations have found that the combination of all seven substances (ERG, HOXA5, HOXA9, HOXA10, LCOR, RUNX1 and SPI1) allows you to turn the stem cells in the future blood cells. Then, growing a culture of cells "in vitro", the scientists implanted them into mice lacking an immune system. Experiments have shown that "blank" successfully turned into red blood cells, lymphocytes and other blood components. As stated by one of the authors of the study Riohisi Sugimura,

"This discovery makes it possible to take cells from patients suffering from genetic diseases of the blood, change their genes and create a full-fledged blood cells. In addition, we are now able to create an inexhaustible source of blood and blood stem cells using human cells from the first group of blood. This will help us to save the lives of those who are in urgent need of blood transfusion. "

Based on the materials of RIA "Novosti"