Human intelligence is limited, so we need a artificial intelligence

Some people taking levodopa medication every day for three times. Take it because their brain does not produce enough dopamine. Without it, their hands and legs were shaking and his body hard to get to do what you want. This is a manifestation of Parkinson's disease - many dopamine-producing neurons have died. But thanks to levodopa brain receives a synthetic dopamine.

Human intelligence is limited, so we need a artificial intelligence

This incredible drug is produced naturally in the plant more beans. The fact that nature has made in this plant the very molecule that lacks the human brain does not fit in my head. In the first half of the 20th century, we have figured out how to make this component by chemical means, which allowed people to produce it in large quantities and distribute to patients with Parkinson's worldwide. The fact that this discovery took place - it is a merit of our ingenuity and intelligence. When diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 60 years ago, the doctors could not offer anything. Today, people with it can function quite normally, and all thanks to this plant, and human intelligence.

Human intelligence is limited, so we need a artificial intelligence

But it's not good enough. Whenever a person takes the drug, the whole brain is filled with dopamine. At first, it gives a nice effect and makes people more alert and focused, but also has negative consequences. In any formulation that take people from the THC in marijuana to caffeine in coffee, there are chemical substances that bind to receptors in the brain. They either stimulate or inhibit neurons, thus triggering a cascade of other effects. For example, at regular reception marrow produces more receptors in anticipation of the formulation; so addictive it arises. Not that it was bad, just changing the chemistry and structure of the brain. Although a modified structure that poyavlyattsya because of too large amounts of caffeine, and may not be detrimental, other drugs, such as synthetic dopamine, can. Most people who take levodopa for many years, start to experience a side effect of the drug - dyskinesia, because of which is difficult to control the body. In order to overcome this side effect, we need other drugs that will further alter the brain, leading ultimately to other drugs that eliminate the negative effects of the previous ones. In the end, patients will spend most of the day, swallowing pills, and the disease becomes quite difficult to manage.

In addition, the brain of each person is arranged in its own way, and as a result of side effects of the different impact on patients. While the pharmaceutical industry is built around a single motto: one cure fits all, and until we get to the point where we will have an individual approach to treatment of diseases, all this will happen.

But the biggest obstacle for the detection of diseases such as Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's is an amazing complexity of the brain. Says James Watson, "the brain - is the latest and most ambitious biological boundary, the most difficult thing that exists in our universe. It contains billions of cells associated trillions compounds. Brain shocks the conscience. "

What to do? It is very likely that the mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration, by which each of us will suffer in varying degrees, are too complex, so we can identify them. The list of factors to be determined to decode all of these diseases, infinitely long. In any case long enough for a person or even a group of people can make it. Although we have come far enough in the treatment of these diseases and developing new methods to completely cure them it is not feasible in the short term. The same can be said about some of the mysteries that we can not solve. For example, climate change, the origin of the universe or conflicts on the planet. Largely it prevents us from human stupidity.

And because of that the creation of artificial intelligence may be helpful. Just as every parent hopes his child will be smarter than him, our hope is to create artificial intelligence in the form that will be wiser than us and will be able to solve many problems of our world.