New details about the battery OUKITEL K10000 Pro (+ competition)

A few days ago I ended a special event that allowed the 20 lucky people to win cool prizes, and everyone else - to know important details about how good the battery in a sensational smartphone OUKITEL K10000 Pro.

New details about the battery OUKITEL K10000 Pro (+ competition)

Recall that to win in the competition had to answer two questions correctly:

  • How much exactly the time required to fully charge K10000 Pro?
  • On how many complete charge iPhone 7 Plus enough K10000 Pro battery if you use your smartphone in a laptop battery mode?

With regard to the first question, empirically it has been found that up to 100 percent K10000 Pro, be equipped with a battery 10000 mAh is charged for only 2, 5 hour. This is possible thanks to the powerful battery charger for 12 V and 2 A, which is equipped with a smart phone. Now we turn to the second question. After K10000 Pro battery is fully charged iPhone 7 Plus, he still had 48% charge. I disconnect the phone only when the second charge iPhone 7 Plus reached the level of 93%. Thus, the correct answer - one.

Well, today the company is launching the second phase of the competition in which you have to answer for two questions:

  • How long OUKITEL K10000 Pro will be able to play downloaded video during FHD-average volume and average brightness?
  • What percentage charge will remain the smartphone after one hour of play?

The campaign will last from May 31 to June 6, the prize - wireless speakers OUKITEL A8, the details on this page. Good luck!