It developed a test that will identify "sleeper" of HIV

Scientists from around the world do not cease to search for the cure for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). New products are created and tested constantly, and work in this direction hampered by the fact that the virus may be present in a person's so-called "sleeping" form, which is not detected by standard assays. But recent scientific team from the University of Pittsburgh developed a new method for detection of HIV, which is able to detect even hidden forms of the virus.

It developed a test that will identify

Currently, the most effective treatment for the disease is dangerous antiretroviral therapy. This method involves taking multiple drugs, which are the ultimate goal

stop the virus reproducing in the body, restoring the immune system and increasing the length and quality of life of the patient. In order to understand how successful was complex treatment currently used Q-VOA test for which you want a lot of money (about US $ 1,200) and a considerable number of the patient's blood. Study research group from the United States, led by Dr. Phalguni Gupta reported that they were able to develop an alternative to the expensive test, called TZA. The operating principle of the new method of diagnosis is based on identifying the specific gene that is produced only in the replication of the virus in humans. TZA is much cheaper and faster than its counterpart, and requires fewer bled. Moreover, as the study authors say,

"Using this test, we were able to demonstrate that even in patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy for asymptomatic disease continues. This is due to the fact that the reservoir of the virus in these patients is about 70 times greater than previously thought, and Q-VOA test sometimes can not detect them. In this case, TZA - not a reason to completely abandon the Q-VOA. Just different versions of the patient survey, "it would be appropriate to use in different clinical situations.