The most amazing house in the world (10 photos)

The modern architecture, the passage of time, is subject to significant changes. Of great importance here is played by professionals, are not deprived of talent - architects and decorators who are not afraid to present something new and unusual in his work, in spite of the criticism from the outside. Any architectural building is a landmark, it underwent condemnation by society, but after some time everything changed.

Now these buildings are a delight not only visitors, but also the residents of the area. We present a selection of 10 original buildings that will make you a different way to look at the creation of architecture.

1. Home-Shopping

House-Cart is a bureau of the company for the production of paintings in Ohio, USA. The structure resembles a regular basket, for which the building has been spent more than two years. Cart is authentic sample emulated architecture where buildings are constructed in a specific form of promoted goods. The internal structure of the component of the decorated glass ceiling, and the walls are filled with pictures of the company's founders. Due to the design of glass, workers and visitors can admire the company's natural light, which penetrates into all the rooms.

The most amazing house in the world (10 photos)

2. The Church of Hallgrimur

The Church of Hallgrimur - highest and unusual church in Iceland, located in the capital of Reykjavik. Scandinavian design has been taken as the basis for construction of the church, which has become the most exciting work of the architect Guðjón Samúelsson. It took more than 38 years to complete this sacred building, which began in 1945. The building was named after the famous Icelandic poet Hollgrimura Petersson, who wrote many of the Lutheran worship songs. 80-meter-high concrete church was the tallest building in Iceland, as well as one of the most recognizable landmarks. The main decoration of the interior of the church is a 20-meter-long body and bell tower offers views of the entire Reykjavik. In front of the statue of Leif Erickson (Merry) - first European visited North America. Definitely, this is one of the most unusual churches in the world.

The most amazing house in the world (10 photos)

3. Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum is located in the Spanish city of Bilbao. Its building was designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry and opened to the public in 1997. In fact, the Guggenheim Museum - a complex of several interconnected buildings. The entire building is covered with titanium, limestone and glass. This museum is located along the banks of the river Nervion, which emphasizes the beauty of the building. Here are stored one of the greatest works of many contemporary artists.

Collection of European and American paintings making this museum one of the most beautiful places to visit among the attractions of Spain.

The most amazing house in the world (10 photos)

4. Kansas City Library

Kansas City Library - one of the largest libraries in the world, located in Kansas City and founded in 1873. An amazing number of large bookshelves - the main attraction of one of the most beautiful libraries of the United States. The facade is decorated with marble and mahogany, are used in the architecture of the 20th century.

Interior unusual building decorated concrete, with a massive 35-ton steel door. Each library section is intended for a certain type of reader, with a special collection of books from all possible areas.

The most amazing house in the world (10 photos)

5. The Atomium, Brussels

Extremely unusual building Atomium is located in Brussels, the Belgian capital. Atomium in the 102 meters in height was designed by architect Andre Vaterkeinom is repeatedly increased a simple model of the iron atom. The entire building was constructed of stainless steel, including 7 prefabricated columns with round spheres. The diameter of each sphere is 28 meters and the total length of the pipes - 2298 meters. For tourists operate special escalators in hollow tubes. At the top of the Atomium is a restaurant and an observation deck with stunning views.

The most amazing house in the world (10 photos)

6. La Pedrera

Building La Pedrera is located in the city of Barcelona, ​​which is famous for its unusual architecture. It took 6 years to complete this strange project, launched in 1906. Catalan architect Gaudi Aton was the chief designer of La Pedrera, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Strange limestone facade and unusual balconies immediately attracted attention, and the roof of La Pedrera is decorated with photographs and postcards of Barcelona. The interior of the building is designed with the maximum penetration of natural light, and from the roof a great view of Barcelona.

The most amazing house in the world (10 photos)

7. Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple in the shape of a flower is located in New Delhi, capital of India. This attraction is open to people of all religions visit. Inspired by the lotus flower architect Fariborz Sahba designed this beautiful building that is open to visitors in 1986. The temple was made of marble, dolomite and cement, and its petals are the main pride. The central hall of the Temple of the Lotus with 9 huge inputs can accommodate 2,500 people and surrounding ponds create the impression that the building is floating in the water like a lotus flower.

The most amazing house in the world (10 photos)

8. Stone House

The stone house is located in the mountains of Portugal. It was built in 1974 under the inspiration of the Flintstones cartoon. Unusual house built two huge rocks, linked with concrete mix. This gives him a sense of a prehistoric structure and makes one of the most beautiful sights in Portugal.

The most amazing house in the world (10 photos)

9. Crooked House

Curved house - really strange-looking part of the shopping complex in the Polish city of Sopot. The project was developed by Szotynscy and Zalesky in 2004 and is inspired by fairy tales. Over time, the curved building has become one of the most photographed places in Poland. Visitors to the impression that the house is about to collapse, but in fact it is securely fastened with special beams. In the house curved glass doors and a blue-green light girdle that makes the construction particularly attractive at night.

The most amazing house in the world (10 photos)

10. The Surreal House

Surreal House is located on the hill of El Carmel in Barcelona. It took 14 years to complete this strange building, pledged in 1900. Construction of listed among the monuments of historical heritage of UNESCO. The complex actually includes 60 different buildings, the chapel, the park and a nice fountain in the center. Numerous statues also make this place more attractive. The house was one of the main attractions of Spain, which are the most popular among travelers.

The most amazing house in the world (10 photos)

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