9 tips to the house was very clean

Let's see together how to make the apartment perfectly clean and maintain this order.

9 tips to the house was very clean

Just think, every day you wake up in a clean well-kept apartment, and daily cleaning you need only 10 minutes. Believe me, the old adage "Clean is not where clean, but where do not litter" here would be most welcome.

9 These useful and simple tips will help you to maintain cleanliness and order in the house, and gladly welcome intruders without fear that you will find it messy.

9 tips to the house was very clean

1. Fill the bed

In the morning, the most important thing - to fill the bed. Many psychologists seriously believe that it was a neat bed gives the brain a signal of the beginning of the working day. And at the same time organizing the entire space of a bedroom / living room. So do not be lazy and once got out of bed, put all the clothes, neatly arrange the cushions and enjoy the effect!

2 empty shells in the morning

For many it is painfully familiar. Up in the morning, and there - a full sink of dirty dishes. And there is no joy to have breakfast there. And cook something too. Make it a rule to wash all the dishes from the evening to the morning you met clean and dry sink. You will feel the difference very quickly.

9 tips to the house was very clean

3. Washing and ironing of

Two whales order in the house. About any ordered scheme of life does not have to say, when the laundry basket, as well as in a stack with a dried, total overdrive. Here's a little tip: if you do not like ironing - do not sit for it just like that. Include your favorite movies and combine business with pleasure. A laundry is done by those with some regularity - 2 times a week.

4. Every little thing - a place

In this respect, a good example gives IKEA. They are very clearly understand that the amount of storage space is closely related with the procedure. And the more all kinds of baskets, boxes and boxes, the greater the in-house order.

5. Do not delay

9 tips to the house was very clean

You know this is a terrible word - procrastination? This tendency to a permanent postponement of even the important and urgent cases, leading to the problems of life and painful psychological effects. Naturally, it is familiar to you, otherwise the problem of uncollected home would not be standing as acute. Cut the Gordian knot without thinking, and life will become easier.

6. Fold clothes

Yes, after a hard working day the last thing you want to do - it is meticulously hung on trempel dresses or pants. But it is vitally important, believe me. Then at times difficult to collect in the corners of the same things, otutyuzhivat and spread in places.

7. Wash immediately

For many, it's a secret that, if to wash the dishes and stove along with cooking, you then do not have to get out of the kitchen until midnight. Or wipe the mirror oknolyu after you he looked and saw the stains. Do not make cleaning ritual, it's too much.

9 tips to the house was very clean

8. Do not go to bed until the kitchen is dirty

Golden Rule. Kitchen - is a place that is designed to heat and feed us. Here we are more than anywhere else gaining strength. It is not surprising that coming in the morning in a dirty kitchen, we feel overwhelmed. And the smells and stains, and dirt is easier to clean the next day. That's 100%!

9. Plan

And then the uncertainty will not scare you. You'll see exactly what and when to do and what you have already done. And cleaning will no longer appear to you to untapped edge!

Maintain order in the house with us!