Stunning "organic" home: now you can live like a hobbit

Today edition prepared for you interesting photos where the house in tandem with nature. Below is represented in the photo home by Mexican architect Javier Senosiaina. It's a great example of "organic architecture," writes Bored Panda.

Stunning Stunning Stunning Stunning

The architect is widely known for its innovative solutions in the field of construction. Just look at his work!

Stunning Stunning Stunning

"The goal was to create an environment similar to the maternal abode. Shelters for animals or humans of early humans who used the cave without changing the habitat, nature was like a mother's arms. "


Senosiayn use trees and shrubs to achieve a variety of purposes.


They create green barriers that filter the harsh sunlight, keep the inside cool and protect the house from dust and noise pollution.

The walls, ceilings and built-in furniture made of ferrocement, coated with a paste of marble aggregate and white cement.


"This poluuglublenny house was sunnier and brighter than conventional homes, because the windows can be placed anywhere, and domes allow sunlight penetrates from above. Ventilation is facilitated by the aerodynamic shape of the dwelling, which allows air to circulate freely. "

Stunning Stunning Stunning Stunning Stunning

And here is how it looks at the building stage.


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