Wind energy has become cheaper than combustible fuels

Ben Christensen, engaged in forecasting the cost of the development direction of the Siemens Wind Power, shared that offshore (or sea) wind power in Europe has reached indicators for 3-4 years ahead of schedule, coming on the level of costs 100 euros per MWh of produced electricity. In other words, the construction of offshore wind farms can now be made without public subsidies, since they have become cost-effective, and without additional support, Futurism portal reported.

Wind energy has become cheaper than combustible fuels

The expert notes that there is a sharp decline in the cost of wind energy production in the last three years. Since 2014 it had fallen by 27 per cent. According to the economic analysis conducted by research firm Lazard in 2016, the content of energy sources become cheaper or equivalent to the cost of maintenance of generators, coal-fired plants, nuclear reactors, as well as the solar panels installed on the roofs of buildings.

Some industry analysts are predicting an even larger decline in the value of such a power, and talk about figures of 75 and 62 euros per MWh produced. However, the final figure as experts, will depend on further development of the manufacturing technology turbines, cables and converters. For example, it is expected that the offshore wind farm Siemens Gamesa and MHI Vestas will be equipped with new technology somewhere in the 2024-2025 years when the approach the final stage of the project for the construction of new farms in the North Sea. Reducing the cost of expenses for operation of wind farms is an important victory in the development of alternative energy and makes this source attractive from an economic and environmental point of view, it is critical to successful adaptation of this trend. Against the background of this trend can not but rejoice the news, such as Denmark, which this spring conducted an experiment to ensure that all of its energy needs from wind energy throughout the day. Success has been achieved through the use of very powerful turbines capable of generating 216 thousand MWh of electricity per day.

Reducing the cost of renewable energy generation is observed not only in wind power. Similar victory can be seen in the solar energy sector. According to a recent report by Bloomberg, after four years the production of solar energy will be cost-effective than coal mining. Figures support this hope. During the last 5 years, the cost of the cost of this type of energy production decreased by 58 percent.

Over time, the human race against the background of their growth will consume more and more energy. In order to protect the planet from pollution and slow the process of global climate change, we need to if we do not give up the high energy consumption, or at least switch to a more environmentally-friendly forms of production of this energy. And especially the prospects for it are seen in wind and solar energy.