Concern "Kalashnikov" has developed a learning turret

Automated combat module is able to recognize their own goals and can make decisions and act on information he had received, - the TASS referring to the press service of the developer.


Specially designed for robotic systems software includes development in the field of neural networks, which allows it to use the previously gained experience in dealing with new challenges.

Depending on the tasks, automated installation can be equipped with a machine gun PCs, heavy machine gun "Kord" and two grenade launchers. Previously, engineers "Kalashnikov" shows fighting module with remote control and sighting - then the operator participate in the work was necessary, because it was he who made the decisions, and send commands to the module from the console, but now the system has become completely autonomous and self-learning.

No further details and technical specifications of the engineers and the company's press service did not disclose, but noted that the new plan to demonstrate to the public and potential customers on the forum "Army 2017".