Spacecraft "Soyuz-05 MS 'delivered to the ISS a new crew

Spacecraft "MS-05 The Union" at 00:55 Moscow time successfully docked to a small research module "Dawn", relating to the Russian segment of ISS. The spacecraft delivered to orbit participants long expedition ISS-52/53: astronaut "Roscosmos" Sergei Ryazan, NASA astronaut Randolph Breznik and ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli.

Spacecraft Spacecraft

"MS-05 Alliance" was launched with the "Gagarin's start" cosmodrome Baikonur to the International Space Station July 28 at 18:41 Moscow time. Approximation of the ship with the station is fully automated by a "short" chetyrohvitkovoy scheme. The process was monitored experts Mission Control Center. Mechanical seizure of the ship has taken place at 00:55 Moscow time, and then began checking the tightness docking. Two hours later, the astronauts opened the hatches and moved to the ISS.


"On board the ISS astronauts will spend 139 days. The flight program of scientific and applied research and experimentation, the work of Russian astronauts in outer space, the maintenance station functionality, updating photos and video footage of events on the ISS, participated in the communications, educational and informative "- the" Roskosmos ".