Homeworld "Game of Thrones" may indeed exist

Winter Is Coming. Here on Earth, we can predict exactly when it will come, how long and how severe will be even. But the world's continents of Westeros and Essosa in an epic series by George RR Martin is not so. Imagine living in a world where the seasons are unpredictable: their duration, and severity of the attack are completely unknown. In the winters can take months, years or decades, and they may be mild, severe or catastrophic, last for years. Although the Earth has never experienced such chaos, the outer satellites of Pluto - still like, and it showed us the "New Horizons" satellite. Now we can prove scientifically that the world of "Song of Ice and Fire" may not be as already fantastic ... if the world of Westeros is a satellite orbiting the giant double planet, says theoretical physicist Ethan Siegel.

Homeworld Homeworld

The double planet, in theory, can be a variety of sizes and orbital distances. Any smaller worlds that revolve around them at a decent distance, will maintain a stable orbit, but rotate and swing - randomly

It may seem as if nature itself rebelled against you. Planets rotate around its axis, rotate around their parent stars in an ellipse, and any changes that occur in their orbits, or in extreme gradually or immediately disastrous. If there is no collision or a major interaction with the massive body nearby, the only change will be associated with the orbit precession, the slow deceleration of the rotation and the movement of the planets around the sun. Season determined by a combination of your axial tilt and distance from the Sun, and that's it.


The Earth in orbit around the sun and its axis of rotation. Seasons of all the worlds in our solar system are defined by either their tilt axis or eccentric orbits, or both, and other

At first glance, conditions are quite commonplace, and many of the planet with them quite get along. But each of them has serious shortcomings in the description of the world, which could be Västerås:

  • If the planet is in a double star system, belong to two stars. This solution is dynamically unstable and can throw the planet into interstellar space.
  • If the past will be a swarm of large planets, periodically shaking the planet's orbit. Such gravitational intruders if will be large enough to change the orbit is likely to make the world uninhabitable due to orbit changes.
  • If there is to be a world-changing kind of orbit Saturn Janus and Epimetheus satellites. However, in this case, two stable probability will be presented, not chaotic, unpredictable winters like those shown in the "Game of Thrones".

This photo taken Hubble shows Pluto all five satellites in orbit this dwarf planet. The orbital path added by hand, but are in resonance 1: 3: 4: 5: 6, and all rotate in the same plane with a tolerance of one degree. Four outer satellites outside Charon constantly dangle instead revolve around one particular axis.

But there is an option that will work, and an example of what is before our eyes. Somewhere far beyond Neptune is the system of Pluto - Charon, which will provide us with the right platform. Pluto and Charon are locked in relation to each other, but immediately behind them are the four other satellites: Styx, Nix, Hydra and Cerberus. If Pluto and Charon have merged into a single mass, all four of these satellites would be tidally locked, there would always be looked at your parents' world is on one side. If you replace this one world to the double, in which objects are comparable and greater mass than the outer satellites, they will all hang randomly. To get the world of Westeros, we just need all of this increase. Instead of a small object the size of the asteroid, hanging out in a binary system of dwarf planets, we need an object about the size of Earth, rotating the two gas giants. If, for example, take the size of the planet Saturn from a nearby super-Earths or a massive gas giant, which revolves around a solid core of Jupiter, all the satellites of these double worlds - even Earth-sized satellites - will inherit a chaotic behavior chatted. Night and day are not going anywhere in this world, because it will quickly rotate relative to the sun, but the axis of rotation will behave in unpredictable ways. This will lead to a spread of the seasons and the length of day and night, and may lead to years of darkness.


The planetary collision in the early stages of formation of the solar system could lead to a double planet, maybe even a couple of giant worlds. Any companions next to them will quickly rotate and hang out because of the mutual gravitational effects

There are several ways to create a dense, massive double object, but the simplest of these is a massive collision between two young gas giants in the first 100 million years of the solar system. For certain parameters of the orbit can form a large gas giant with a small but massive companion planet - several times the mass of Earth. Gas giant and its companion are massive tidal blocked, providing a stable external orbit satellites unstable rotation axes. In such a system around the orbit of two giants can take only 24 hours (like Saturn Mimas satellite), but the change in the axis of rotation will lead to the fact that the seasons are wildly unpredictable.


from the surface world, orbiting a gigantic double planet, it will be possible to watch two worlds alternately, and sometimes simultaneously. One is larger than the other. At night it will be beautiful

You live on this planet, you would know for sure that the winter is coming. There may even be areas like the North, which will be consistently colder than the rest of the continent for tens of thousands of years. But how long after the onset of winter, how severe it will be, it will determine not magic, but the gravitational attraction of the sun and the twin planets around which revolves your world. And it's not just winter. With the help of geo-engineering, we could create a planetary system, which will reign eternal summer, which in Västerås could only dream of.