Found a way to "re-program" cells for the treatment of diseases

It's no secret that our body's cells have a "built-in" ability to withstand a variety of adverse factors. But, unfortunately, not always this useful function allows you to fully "to repel the attack." Then come to the aid of various drugs. But what if the cells can be "reprogrammed" to protect? Something similar could crank scientist at Ohio State University. They found a way to change the function of the cells, so that it will be possible to deal with a variety of diseases and heal damaged body tissue.

Found a way to

On the scientific development announced Nature editors, and a new method called nanotransfektsiya tissue, which means that the introduction of the extracellular material into the cell non-viral method. The technique itself is as follows: light doctors perform electrical stimulation of the skin surface and then the chip is placed on the same place. Less than a second chip that delivers desired information into cells by high-intensity focused electric field.

It is worth mentioning that the cell change method is not something new, but in the past used to do this virus implanted into the cell. In addition, the method of using the virus requires lengthy preparation of the patient to the ongoing process. But nanotransfektsiya fabrics is unique because experts have found a way to control cell through a controlled point signal. According to researchers, "We are announcing a new simple approach to a point of non-viral reprogramming tissue through the nanochannel device. Our method allows you to change the function of cells and replace entire sections subjected to necrosis. Unfortunately, all this can only speak in theory - a new device has been tested only on mice, but the tests and failed. For example, one rodent was able to cure the tumor. " Experts plan to continue the study and get permission to conduct research involving human subjects this year. If a new way to be effective, it can be used to treat a variety of tissues, including the recovery of brain tissue damaged by trauma, stroke, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Based on the materials of "Tass" agency