Motorola has patented a self-repairing screen smartphone

Imagine that one day learn to smartphones on their own to correct physical defects of their screens. You dropped your smartphone on the asphalt, cracked screen and smartphone immediately determine where the damage he inflicted, and healed "wounds". Yes, as if no cracks and was not at all. Approximately the future imagine engineers at Motorola, which recently patented displays recovery technology for mobile devices.

Motorola has patented a self-repairing screen smartphone Motorola has patented a self-repairing screen smartphone

According to the patent, Motorola plans to use to create a smart phone screens special polymer with a memory effect, which is capable of healing itself through increasing the surface temperature of a point. Smartphone alone can warm up the surface of the screen to make the coating more elastic and tighten the cracks. The user just need to specify exactly where the screen passes through the crack. However, the technique should work and heat from the human body or from a special external heater that company as indicated in the patent. Sounds too good to be true, is not it? But, of course, while all this is only a patent that does not mean that this technology will soon go down in our life with you. Motorola and the Lenovo, to which it belongs, may never use such a method of restoring the displays in its future smartphones. But if it still happens, it will be very interesting to hear the reaction of the owners of service electronics repair, who earn on the replacement screens of smartphones very good money.