Concern "Kalashnikov" created elektrobayk police

Elektromototsikly by group forces, designed for traffic police and patrol services. It is reported that they will be handed over to the Moscow police in late August. One new charge elektromototsikl can travel up to 150 kilometers. The press service of the concern said that the police have already tested bikes, but the full test will carry out after the new elektromototsikly arrive at their disposal.


A month ago, the head of "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov said that the concern "Kalashnikov" plans to restart production of motorcycles.

"Perhaps you remember how at one time was popular" IZH-Planeta ". Who set the task to revive what was displayed on a modern level, "- said the head of state corporation in an interview with Tass.


Next week in Kubinka, located in the Moscow region, will be held the forum "Army 2017". To "Kalashnikov" is also going to bring new elektromototsikly to demonstrate at their stands.

Earlier it was reported that in 2020 Moscow authorities plan to completely abandon the purchase of public transport with internal combustion engines - it will reduce the emission of gases into the atmosphere and save on fuel. It may affect the initiative and special vehicles, but only in the distant future, after all the necessary infrastructure of electric transport in the capital, is still almost completely absent.