Volkswagen announced that it will begin selling an electric «Microbus»

Concept I.D. Buzz is powered by Volkswagen

Electric cars are becoming incredibly popular. They are not only more environmentally friendly vehicles, but also to attract those consumers who are interested in high technology. According to the degree of interest in these products are probably already caught up with smartphones, and so the message of Volkswagen about the upcoming start of sales of its electric Microbus has become one of the most important technological topics.

Volkswagen announced that it will begin selling an electric «Microbus»

Favorite minivan coast of California, Volkswagen Microbus, will return again - this time in a new capacity of the electric vehicle, said Zack Estrada (Zac Estrada) on the pages of the resource The Verge. Volkswagen has announced its plans for the production version of its concept I.D. Buzz. The company hopes to start selling new items up to 2022. We have already discussed the prospects for the electric minivan from Volkswagen.

Shown earlier in 2017 at the Detroit Auto Show (Detroit Auto Show) new vehicle is a direct successor of the minibus, which the company sold in North America since the 1950's and 1980's. the concept version, designed for the production, is expected to be slightly different from the "blunt" the original model, since all batteries will be built under the floor. Probably, the new minivan will be somewhat similar to the Chevrolet Bolt. The prospect that production I.D. Buzz will start (note that the company has not announced the name of the vehicle will be exactly), is good news for those consumers who are interested in the car with a large number of seats for passengers, not to mention the nostalgia for the original, runs on gasoline, minivan model, the engine is located behind.

Like the original minivan, I.D. Buzz will also be offered to consumers in the cargo version, says the company Volkswagen. This vehicle is intended for markets various cities, make use of vehicles with internal combustion engines are expensive to emissions requirements.

Version I.D. Buzz appear after more conventional all-electric vehicle from Volkswagen under I.D. mark further informs the company. This ambitious project of the company was considered in the early autumn of 2016. As for the new van, then he, as noted, will have advantages and the use of power for its electricity, and the time during which he will not need additional charging.