"Smart" jacket by Levi's will be available soon

Google Advanced Technology and Levi's spring division reported on the joint development of "smart" denim jackets for cyclists and other people with an active lifestyle. By the time the development is in the final stage, and now Levi's announced the imminent start of sales of new products. Buy it will be starting from October 2 in some retail stores and Levi.com site.

As it turned out, nothing supertehnologichnogo jacket there, and sewed it from normal tissue. No wires and nanosensors inside also did not sew. But on the left cuff has a special sensor that allows the owner can manage their smartphone directly through the jacket. To interact with the tube used gestures and tactile feedback.

A simple touch of the cuff, you can send an email, make a call, put the music player is paused or open the Navigator. Management is carried out using a special application Jacquard app, created for iOS and Android. Jacket supported Android 6 or newer, to the iPhone 6 and newer versions of iOS smartphones and iOS 10 11 It is also appropriate. Owners of "vindafonov", as always, will have hard times - for them nobody even tried. It's a shame. Check the compatibility of your device and the jacket can be on a special website.

Price Jackets Levi's Commuter - $ 350 excluding delivery.