The company Lockheed Martin wants to create a Mars lander

On the last day of the 68th annual meeting of the International Astronautical Congress, held in the Australian city of Adelaide, a private aerospace company Lockheed Martin unveiled details of its plan to build a Mars base Mars Base Camp. For the first time the company has shared plans for the establishment of the Martian orbital station last year, just a few months before the head SapceX Elon Musk presented his own plan for the beginning of the colonization of Mars. Today, Lockheed Martin, too, managed to escape ahead of the engine and held a presentation of a few hours before, as did the founder of SpaceX.

The company Lockheed Martin wants to create a Mars lander

The vision of Lockheed Martin, Mars Base Camp will be an orbital outpost around Mars. The station will be for the life of a crew of six astronauts engaged in observation and study of Mars in preparation for the subsequent colonization of the Red Planet.

One of the central roles in terms of the company is given NASA "Orion" spacecraft, which is also planned to be used in the construction of lunar space station "Deep Space Gateway" (DSG). As the representative of the company Lockheed Martin at the launch, "the way to Mars is through a near-moon space" and therefore DSG station is intended to be a kind of space the starting point to the Red Planet and beyond.

Once Mars Base Camp will take its place in the orbit of Mars before the astronauts, scientists will be several options for how to make the observation and study of the Red Planet. One such option is the lander, the concept of which Lockheed Martin unveiled as part of a presentation at IAC meeting. The module according to the company's plans, will be reusable, and will allow astronauts repeatedly to sit down and take off from the surface of Mars.

"We have developed the lander, which will be refueling in orbit. It has enough space for a team of four people. The level of autonomy of the unit will allow him to live and work for two weeks, and then return to the space station. The cycle can be repeated several times, "- said a senior systems engineer at Lockheed Martin, Robert Chambers in an exclusive interview with CNBC news agency almost directly before the presentation.

The company Lockheed Martin wants to create a Mars lander

The image shows two seating concept docking modules to Mars Base Camp station

At its presentation of Lockheed Martin also shared some of the technical details of the lander. For example, he will be able to carry the fuel 80 metric tons, 30 tons of additional payload and will possess a propulsion system capable of producing about 60 kilograms of thrust. Floor module section will be equipped with life support systems and various electronics, based on the basis of its own spacecraft system "Orion".

Reusable, single unit will descend to the surface of Mars at a speed of 5 km / s, and will also be able to return to the station Mars Base Camp "without having to first fuel in situ" as explained presented Lockheed Martin. In order to reduce and adjust the shutter speed it will use its aerodynamics. But most of all the assembled audience interested in the phrase: "The whole system of our machine can run on water." And it was not only about the lander, but the orbital station. More specifically, as the fuel for the lander Lockheed Martin will use cryogenic hydrogen.

"refueled in orbit, a team of four people will have enough fuel for two-three-week mission to the surface", - shared by Robert Chambers, one of the developers of the station Mars Base Camp, at a press conference before the presentation.

It seems that Lockheed Martin has a plan ready for the start of the colonization of Mars. During the presentation, the company has made it clear that the main purpose of the station Mars Base Camp will conduct more in-depth exploration of Mars and the space around the planet. Ultimatum same aim, apparently, is to find a new place where humanity will be able to settle down and find a new home.