Tesla has collected only 260 vehicles Model 3

Manufacturer of electric vehicles, Tesla business at the end of July delivered the first batch of the new "budget" sedan Model 3 for those who managed to make a novelty for pre-order before anyone else. It was expected that the pace of supply in the coming months will increase dramatically. Under the plan, Elon Musk, the company plans to produce about 100 vehicles in August, 1500 to September, and about 20,000 in December. At the same time it was planned to launch production of 10,000 electric vehicles of this model in a week in 2018. But, apparently, these plans failed completely. At least with regards to this year.

Tesla has collected only 260 vehicles Model 3

The published report on the production and shipments for the third quarter of this year, said that Tesla gave birth to only 260 electric Model 3 and thus delivered to the buyers in all 220 of them. The company said that the reason for the delay is the low effectiveness of some components of the production chain. While most of the production lines in California and New megazavode Gigafactory in Nevada are working at full capacity, some production chains require more time for the delivery of the necessary equipment and parts for the new elektrosedana.

"It was important to stress that there are no fundamental problems with the production of Model 3, or the supply chain we have," - commented on the situation Tesla.

"We know we need to fix, and we are confident that we can deal with bottlenecks in the production chain in the near future."

was the best in regard to the supply of its models Model S and X. It is expected that by the end of the year the volume of deliveries of these models will exceed projections by several thousand cars of Tesla for the fiscal third quarter. However, the company has not yet reported when the production of Model 3 will be released on the promised level, but certainly at least those who had pre-ordered this model, but so far it has not received, would like to see the company solved this problem as soon as possible.