Cortana «learned to" control home appliances

Users are waiting for announcements of new devices. Meanwhile, the most significant innovation is often implemented without concomitant debuts new excitement smartphones. Microsoft has added a new feature Cortana Notebook, which was an important step towards the appearance of the user experience simply ask the service technician to do something to get the result.

Cortana «learned to Cortana «learned to

Microsoft and presentations without striking announcements added to its digital assistant Cortana new and quite useful function. Cortana, as it is known, is designed for Windows 10 running on personal computers and mobile devices. New option "Connected Home" is already available in the menu Cortana Notebook settings and allows users to voice control of various devaysa "smart home" from different companies, said John Kallahem (John Callaham) in his article published resource

As reported in the pages of Windows Central, the new section of the "Connected Home" supports Nest Soup, as well as products that supports SmartThings platform from Samsung. It also allows you to manage devaysa from Wink, Insteon, and Hue. When support for these products is included in the menu settings, the user can use a computer or mobile devices running the operating system Windows 10 to control, for example, Nest thermostat, lighting lamp Hue or camera based on SmartThings. It is still unknown whether this feature is interesting to Cortana software from Microsoft, designed for the most popular mobile operating systems - Android and iOS.

One of the reasons for which the function is "Connected Home" has been implemented now, may be preparing to release Microsoft's previously announced smart speaker Harman Kardon Invoke, which as a digital assistant found a use is Cortana. The emergence of the new Cortana function can also mean that a clever speaker, which is designed as a competitor from the device and Amazon Echo Google Home, may be on sale soon. As reported in addition, the novelty may announce the October 22, 2017.

"Smart home" technologies are among those who are just starting to get a certain spread. Unlike computers, smartphones and tablets, these technologies must be the interaction of different devices, including those that did not initially seen as smart devices. In order to ensure control of appliances by means of computers and smart phones, it is necessary not only to support the most appropriate technique of functionality, but also software that allows users to easily and comfortably "talk" with household devices. It is thanks to software tools equipment begins to "understand" human speech. The fact that it was Microsoft, the software giant focuses its attention as a promising technology, focused more on the future than on the present, there is nothing surprising. Despite the wide spread of mobile devices, especially smartphones and operating systems for them, Microsoft Windows, as well as a decade ago, continues to be the most popular operating system for desktop computers and laptops. Although many users already perceive a smartphone rather than the PC is still great as their primary device for connecting to the Internet, the role of classical computers.