The US military developed a device to improve brain function

In order to improve their mental faculties, it is necessary, as is well known, "to gnaw granite of science". But many are trying to find an easier way. And maybe, researchers from McGill University in Canada and researchers from HRL Laboratories developed a new device that can increase the mental abilities of a person.

The US military developed a device to improve brain function

A new development informs edition edition Daily Mail. According to the report, the device is a brain pacemaker, and funding the development of DARPA US Department of Defense projects.

To operate the device using DC current that stimulates the prefrontal cortex of the cerebral hemispheres. She is known to be responsible for the cognitive functions such as memory, attention and decision-making. As scientists say, the development of the use of improved communication between different brain regions, which contributes to more rapid learning. Electrodes are attached to the head of the helmet without surgery. It is worth noting that the device has passed a series of tests on primates. During animal tests were necessary for a number of features with the help of visual tags to determine the place where the food is. As a result, to learn to identify the connection between the marks and food, the animals took 22 attempts. However, after stimulation with DC artist primates studied this in just 12 attempts.

Scientists hope that their method can be used in the future to stimulate areas of the brain responsible for learning. Including for military training, speeding up new skills.

Based on the materials of RIA "Novosti"