What is dual Mining?

Mein cryptocurrency one - cool and fun, but not enough. Why, instead of concentrating on any one "coin", not start parallel Mein something else? Surely these ideas occurred to beginners. But before already guessed, and more versed in this case children. Not all algorithms (eg, Equihash) support dual mining, but if you are Mine, for example, on an algorithm Ethash cryptocurrency Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Musicoin, Ubiq or Expanse, you can try.

What is dual Mining?

In order to successfully launch a rake instead of just two cryptocurrency, you need to install the program-miner Claymore Dual Miner - at the moment the program is considered to be the best available. Her client is available not only for Windows family of operating systems, but also for Linux. After a simple setup program will begin the process of production of two cryptocurrency.

The quality of production cryptocurrency Ether Dual Mining adversely affect not exactly, but it will help in passing namaynit something more, such as such coins as Decred or Siacoin. If the second currency decided to make, for example, Siacoin, you can use the pool for siamining.com him. The main thing - do not forget to change the wallet, or create a new under it on any exchange. It does not matter on which the main pool Mein "crypt", because the pool was the second coin in any way with the first pool is not connected.

The intensity of mining cryptocurrency second can be set independently (keys "plus" and "minus" - this can be prescribed in the settings-miner software), but even the average values ​​recommended to add speed coolers cards. It will be a little noisy, but this way you can keep the iron from overheating, while more or less maintaining its effectiveness and efficiency in the future, and even profit from the second coin, as a rule, cover the electricity costs. Not bad, right? More information can be found on the site 2bitcoin.ru

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