The Boeing began to prepare the missile for its "space taxi"

Aerospace corporation Boeing assembly took Atlas V rocket, designed to deliver astronauts and cargo to the ISS on board the new device CST-100 the Starliner, which Atlas V and will be put into orbit.

The Boeing began to prepare the missile for its

Now the main transport, delivering astronauts to the ISS are Russian "Soyuz" - is very worried about NASA's, the agency is trying all possible ways to get rid of this dependence. Therefore, the US space agency, and launched a program "Commercial Crew", which is attended by SpaceX and Boeing - the two companies are working to their own devices, suitable for flight and docking with the ISS.

But if Atlas V rocket had already begun to gather, the passenger module from Boeing is clearly lagging. Initially, the first unmanned launch vehicle CST-100 Starliner was scheduled for late 2018, but it seems that the start will take at least several months or even a year. With the ship from the SpaceX Dragon 2 does the same things are not the best way, but also work in full swing at him, though with a slight delay. Boeing has announced that it is building a Atlas V, the new generation missile, working with Lockheed Martin. It is unknown how long it takes engineers to complete the construction, and in the meantime, SpaceX has gradually preparing to launch a rocket Falcon Heavy, which were the first start is scheduled for November 2017.