"Roskosmos" wants to build a nuclear power plant orbital

The problem of delivery of fuel to orbit the Earth is sufficiently serious. Now for the satellite power and other space ships that require a long stay in space, the solar panels are used. But "Roscosmos" experts went the other way and the plan to create an orbital nuclear power plant (NPP) for this purpose.

This statement was recently made by the representatives of the state corporation. They also mentioned that during the construction will meet the domestic design "Arsenal" bureau. According to information received, the energy to the spacecraft will be transferred from the plant by means of a focused laser beam that can cover a distance of half a kilometer. In addition, this energy will be enough to use it not only as a substitute for solar cells, but also as a complement to them. At the same time now the scientific community has split into two parts: some support the idea of ​​building a new facility in low Earth orbit, while others have criticized such an undertaking. Proponents of nuclear power say that the idea is extremely promising and makes it possible to "plan ahead a few steps forward" in terms of space exploration. Such cosmic structures would greatly help in moving the spacecraft out of the solar system and within it. Critics called the cost of building nuclear power plants in orbit unreasonably high, suggesting further develop the use of solar and other alternative energy sources to power space objects.