Hemisphere - the best accommodation for Mars

That is the conclusion made by the jury of the international competition Mars City Design in 2017, which resulted in the first place was awarded to a team of developers and designers of the MIT, presented his vision of the Martian city of the future. Redwood Forest ( "redwood forest") - so the design concept of an alien city - is an interconnected tunnels hemisphere within which future Martian colonists will be able to live and work.

Hemisphere - the best accommodation for Mars Hemisphere - the best accommodation for Mars

Hemispheres inside will remind the tree crown, since it is proposed to create a design of branched topped inflatable membrane coating. The design of each of the dome may be different, so they can be tailored not only for work but also for a comfortable existence. Inside it will be possible to arrange public spaces, gardens or ponds.

Hemisphere - the best accommodation for Mars

Water also did not forget to pay attention to: thanks to the solar energy collected by the domes, the water will be directed into the porous coating domes, providing residents protection from radiation and overheating. The heated water can be used for watering plants and the needs of residents.

In the next five years, Elon Musk is going to send to Mars first spacecraft, so it is possible that a similar project Martian city will be implemented much more quickly than it might seem.