Elon Musk: I personally chinyu broken robots in the factory, and we are still in hell

Following the recent publication of the financial report for the third quarter of this year, it became clear that Tesla company suffered record losses. We can not say that the company's financial position was very surprised investors, but referred to in the report the amount of mask forced to write quite an emotional video in which he talked about his work and tried to explain the current failure.

Elon Musk: I personally chinyu broken robots in the factory, and we are still in hell Elon Musk: I personally chinyu broken robots in the factory, and we are still in hell

Video broadcast, in which he dealt with financial analysts and investors, Musk led straight from the shop Gigafactory plant where, according to the head of the company, he now spends most of his time. Shortly before the broadcast Musk posted in his Instagram photo on which he and his staff organized a picnic right on the factory roof and roasting marshmallows over a campfire at night. Signature to a picture says that to drive somewhere to rest of the team do not have time, then called the situation with the production of Model 3, the eighth circle of hell manufacturing.

Btw, just want to express a word of appreciation for the hard work of the Tesla Gigafactory team. Reason I camped on the roof was because it was less time than driving to a hotel room in Reno. Production hell, ~ 8th circle ...

- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 26, 2017

The head of the Tesla, the joint efforts of the company's employees were able to let not much, but to improve the situation, as all work seven days a week. Musk himself, he said, carried in a workshop with one of the robots on Sunday night, trying to deal with his problem. Then, Musk said that he sees, at last, light at the end of the tunnel and I am sure that soon all will be adjusted. Problems with the supply of Model 3 arose because the battery supply, which simply have nowhere to take in the required quantities. Probably, these assurances will help mask once again appease investors, but it is quite obvious that the enthusiasm they have greatly diminished. It is known that throughout its operations, the company operates at a loss, while continuing to operate only thanks to generous government subsidies and preferential terms of the lease. Thus, according to some estimates, SolarCity and Tesla for all time of its existence received from the state for about five billion dollars.

Help to save and other nice bonuses. According to the above two years ago, the investigation, the plant built on allocated from the budget of New York money rental company SolarCity for just one dollar a year. Very nice, especially when you consider that the company is still not pay tax on real estate.

Nevada Tesla has allocated more than a billion dollars of subsidies for the construction of Gigafactory, but there is still a state, other deductions, which the company receives for his contribution to the development of "clean automobile", and investors ...

Until Elon Musk turns out to be charming and persuasive, but as soon as credibility is exhausted him? Perhaps then it is worth asking the AI, which recently SpaceX and Tesla head so feared.