Support cryptocurrency appeared in ATMs

The Korean manufacturer Hyosung ATMs produces a huge number of devices that can be found all over the world. Recently, the manufacturer has extended the functionality of their vehicles by adding a support cryptocurrency.

Support cryptocurrency appeared in ATMs

Yes, while supported only Bitcoin, but the next "coin", which will add to the ATMs will Ether. Implement support cryptocurrency developer was able to thanks to Just Cash platform that allows you to buy Bitcoins quite as simple as dollars, for example.

To do this, just need to scan a special QR-code, which is printed by the ATM and if the client wanted to buy cryptocurrency. Once the purchase is made, the customer is issued a check to purchase. In short, everything is very boring and uninteresting. The Hyosung future plans cryptocurrency introduction into circulation modestly keep quiet, but not without pride say that the opportunity to buy through their ATMs will be an excellent opportunity for customers to get acquainted with the world cryptocurrency.

the first to use the new feature will be able to residents of the United States - that is where ATMs are able to have everything. Others will have to wait a little longer. In Europe, Hyosung plans all set up before the end of 2017.

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