Musk: Missile technology open up "Roadster" great opportunities

Announcement Trendy supercar Tesla took place recently, but CEO Elon Musk says already tweeted about the future of their new cars. According to him, the machine, which will produce two-plus years, will be only the base model, the possibility that over time will increase due to the missile technology.

Musk: Missile technology open up

"To clarify that this is only a base model. Will be a special options package that will raise the capacity of the machine to the next level, "- he wrote in his Twitter Musk.

Many projects Mask borrow techniques from each other. For example, a car company Tesla uses the same innovative welding that is used in the construction of SpaceX rockets. Probably, some of the developments SpaceX already used or planned to be introduced in the auto industry.

0 to 100 km / h in 1.9 sec

- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 17, 2017

"I do not declare that the next" Roadster "will make flights and jumps, but it can be ..." - gives a heat head of Tesla, and added that all this - only security issues as missile technologies offer great opportunities for the producer.

The first "Roadster" by Tesla will be available in 2020, will be accelerated up to a hundred kilometers per hour for 1, 9 seconds and will be able to develop a maximum speed of 400 kilometers per hour.