ISS found extraterrestrial life

On the surface, the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS) found live bacteria arrived from outer space, according to TASS words of Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerova. They are currently being studied in the world and is likely to pose no risk. The only question is, where are they come from?

ISS found extraterrestrial life

How Shkaplerov said in an interview during spacewalks from the ISS on the Russian program of astronauts take a cotton swab touches the outside of the station. In particular, they take place in the accumulation of waste fuel ejected during engine operation, or in places where the plant surface more obscured. The samples are then delivered to the ground.

"And now it turned out that somewhere in these tampons were found bacteria that had not been at the ISS module startup. That is, they came from somewhere out of space and settled on the outside of the skin. While they studied, and it seems that no danger are, "- said the astronaut.

They also found that terrestrial bacteria survived on the outside of the station, while three years were in the extreme conditions of space vacuum and temperature extremes from -150 to +150 degrees Celsius. These bacteria have been delivered to Earth by accident on plates with different materials, which are placed on board the station for a long time to study the behavior of these materials in the open space.

If bacteria really got to the station from outer space, it will be a powerful argument for panspermia - one of the theories of the origin of life, and will be the first proof of the existence of life beyond Earth.